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washakie-495x720Shoshone Chief Washakie cherished what the land offered his people. WRE Feed & Mill loves what the Earth provides, and it shows in our relationships with the farmers who grow the seeds crops used in the quality products we make.

And it all starts with farmers. WRE Feed & Mill understands how vital the farming and agriculture industries are to our economy. We actively seek out farming partners who are interested in growing soybeans and other seed crops for us. To learn more about becoming a WRE Feed & Mill farming partner, click here.

chickens-960x720WRE Feed & Mill’s core business is creating all-natural, plant-based supplements for livestock, swine, and poultry feed. We understand animals have different nutritional demands. That’s why we control every step of the process – from procurement of seed crops to delivery of the final products – to ensure consistent, beneficial feeds. No chemicals or hormones are used in production, and we never add animal byproducts.

We recently constructed the largest crush plant in the United States that quickly and efficiently extracts oils from various beans and seeds. At full operating capacity, the plant will process 78 tons of seeds or beans an hour. Most importantly, WRE Feed & Mill uses the entire seed or bean during processing. Once virgin oils are extracted, the remaining meal becomes the natural animal feed supplement. The oils are shipped to WRE Biofuels to be used in the creation of Biodiesel, a natural alternative to regular diesel gasoline.

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