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WRE Feed & Mill believes in using
every part of our oilseed crops.

The result of this additional processing is high-quality, all-natural meals for animal feed. We understand livestock, swine, and poultry have different nutritional needs, so we never use chemicals, hormones, or animal by-products.

Soybean hulls are dried and pelleted for fiber additives to livestock and poultry feed. This soybean meal is high in protein and has a superior amino acid profile that makes it easier to digest than feeds with animal by-products. And because our feeds are plant-based, it significantly reduces the risk of disease outbreaks known to be caused by animal by-products.

So why soybeans? First, they account for 55% of the total oilseed production worldwide. More importantly, soybeans are high in nutritional value. Soybean meal is often called a “Total Value Package” because it contains:soybeans-are-an-excellent-source-of-nutrition-for-livestock

  • Amino acids that are easily digestible
  • Energy that is easily metabolized
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • High calcium and phosphorus content

WRE Feed & Mill knows how to get the most from soybeans. We purchase crops exclusively from U.S. farmers whose knowledge of soil fertility, plant genetics, and conducive growing climates results in crops with better concentrations of amino acids than those grown in other countries.

We also understand that improperly processed soybeans can significantly reduce their nutritional value. Unlike other companies that use harmful chemicals, such as hexane, in their processing, WRE Feed & Mill uses heat during the extraction process to deactivate non-nutritional elements in our soybeans. Doing so makes our meals easier to digest and richer in nutrients.

For livestock farmers, good feed is essential to their economic success and ability to provide healthy, safe products to consumers. That’s why WRE Feed & Mill will never sacrifice quality or cut corners to make a buck.

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