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Where would WRE Feed & Mill be without our farming partners? Not only are they critical for our nation’s economy and well-being, but they provide the 78 tons of oilseeds processed at our northern Utah crush plant – the largest of its kind in the U.S.

We are continually seeking out new farmer partners to grow the soybean and canola crops needed to make high-quality animal feeds and extract oils for biofuels. And we only purchase from U.S. farmers, so you know that working with WRE Feed & Mill will benefit local and national communities first.

There are myriad benefits to partnering with WRE Feed & Mill:

  • The demand for oilseed crops is skyrocketing as biofuel production increases.
  • Soybeans replenish nitrogen in soil, leading to better yields during crop rotation.
  • We pay top dollar for oilseed crops.
  • We only buy from U.S. farmers, so the profits stay with you.
  • You become part of a bigger initiative to provide sustainable, renewable resources to global communities.

For more information about our crop purchasing services, contact us at: info@wrefeedandmill.com or fill out the information request form below.

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