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WRE Feed & Mill was founded on the belief that natural is always better. This belief shapes what we produce and how we produce it. We operate the largest crush plant in the United States, where at full capacity we run 78 tons of oilseeds through our expellers every day.

Our state-of-the-art equipment cleans, hulls, and then uses heat and pressure to extract oil from the seeds. The virgin oil is then used to create environmentally friendly, renewable biofuels. Visit WRE Biofuels to learn more.

WRE Feed & Mill uses processing methods free of chemicals. Others in the industry use chemical solvents for oil extraction, the most common being highly poisonous hexane. In order to remove residual hexane, the virgin oil must be heated to extremely high temperatures, which changes its flavor profile. Our expeller process, at times, may produce slightly less oil from seed crops than chemical solvents. However, WRE Feed & Mill is dedicated to all-natural production from field to consumer.

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